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Return to Normal Recycling Service Post COVID-19 Restrictions May 27, 2020  

 As Phase 2 protocols are being implemented and activities are resuming, the Town of Hope Mills, in conjunction with Waste Management, will resume the recycling program effective Wednesday, June 17, 2020.   

 First, we would like to thank all residents of Hope Mills for their patience and understanding during this time of pandemic and uncertainty.  We have worked closely with our partners and staff to arrange the continuation of essential services while concurrently ensuring that our team members were as safe and healthy as possible.  Our success was a direct result of all parties working together toward the common goal. 

 With the easing of restrictions and residents returning to work and assuming other activities, the quantities of household trash generated will return to pre-COVID-19 levels and our residents will be able to resume recycling.  This scheduling will provide our residents the opportunity to transition back to the recycling program and allow adequate time to empty recycling containers of trash and limit the risk of the recycling center rejecting loads due to contamination of trash with recyclables. 

 We look forward to resuming recycling collections and will continue to assess other activities that have been temporarily discontinued as further guidance is issued by our governing bodies.

Melissa P. Adams 
Town Manager 


The Public Works Department consists of the following divisions: Capital Projects, Facility Maintenance, Streets Maintenance, Drainage Maintenance, Traffic Signals, Traffic Signs, Sanitation, Fleet Services, and Administration.

The Mission, Vision, and Values of the Public Works Department follow:

  • Mission Statement: We are dedicated to delivering efficient, high quality, and reliable services to our residents.
  • Vision Statement: We are a premier Public Works Department.
  • Values Statement: We value craftsmanship, teamwork, and professionalism. We believe that each individual has the right to be treated with respect, dignity, honesty, and fairness, and that success comes from a job well done.
  • Our Core values are Safety, Courtesy, Integrity and Excellence.

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