Utility Fees

Fees Collected Fund Water Quality and Quantity Programs

Stormwater management is a State and Federally mandated program that requires the town to regulate stormwater in an effort to reduce water pollution that discharges to State waterways. Federal or state governments; however, do not provide funding. Consequently, the revenues needed to support this mandated program are provided through a stormwater utility fee. The collection of this fee will be used to improve water quality and water quantity issues, reduce the pollution caused by stormwater runoff and implement stormwater education and involvement programs.

Included On Your Property Tax Bill

Effective July 1, 2008, a Stormwater Utility Fee will be included in the annual real property tax bill through the Office of the Cumberland County Tax Collector. You may expect this stormwater utility fee to be included in your tax billings.

This fee will affect all developed properties within the town with over 600 square feet of impervious coverage including, but not limited to, multifamily residential properties with three or more living units, commercial properties, industrial properties, public and institutional properties, church properties, public and private school properties, and developed vacant properties.

Calculation of the Stormwater Utility Fee

Equivalent Residential Units (ERUs)
The stormwater utility fee is calculated differently for detached single family residential properties and all other properties. Fees are billed based upon ERUs, equivalent residential units. One ERU is equal to 2,266 square feet of impervious surface, which is the average amount of impervious surface within and/or on an average single family property in the service area

Detached Single Family Residential Properties

  • The rate per ERU for detached single-family residential properties is $5.
  • Each property will be charged the rate of one ERU per month, for a total of $60 per year.
  • The $60 stormwater utility fee will be included with the annual real property tax bill.

All Other Properties
The rate per ERU for all other properties is $7 per month.

Each property will be billed one ERU per 2,266 square feet or fraction thereof of impervious coverage on the subject property. For example, if the property has 8,000 square feet of impervious coverage, it would be billed at a rate of 5 ERUs per month (8000/2266) for a total of $30 per month and $360 per year.


For questions regarding Stormwater Utility Fees, call the Stormwater Department at 910-424-4555 ext. 3516.