Professional Standards

The Hope Mills Police Department is committed to providing the best service possible. Citizen comments and input are essential if we are to succeed in this goal. If you have any questions about any specific action on our part, or about how we operate, or if you have a recommendation on how we can improve, please call the Professional Standards Office and ask for Sargeant Dean.

Receiving a Citizen Complaint

Any on-duty supervisor can accept an initial inquiry or complaint about police personnel. The receiving officer will ensure that your inquiry or complaint is directed to the proper person.

Every effort will be made to facilitate the making of the complaint by ensuring that the process is convenient, courteous, and prompt. If the citizen chooses to only obtain a complaint form, and not speak with anyone, they may do so. The Complaint Form can also be downloaded from this link  complaint form (PDF).

Once the complaint form has been filled out and signed, it can be delivered in person to the police department, or sent via U.S. mail, whichever is most convenient. Once it is received, it goes directly to the Office of the Chief of Police. From there, it is assigned a tracking number and sent to the Professional Standards Office where it will be assigned to an investigator.