Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants within the town are the property of the Fayetteville Public Works Commission (PWC) and are attached to the public water supply. The fire department uses these hydrants to access a static water source for the purpose of fire suppression. The placement of hydrants is typically along the most advantageous avenue of approach and/or gives the fire department a tactical advantage. The main body of the hydrant is yellow in color however the tops or “bonnets” are painted in a variety of colors that gives department personnel a visual indication of the maximum gallons per minute (GPM) the hydrant will produce.

Keep Fire Hydrants Easily Accessible

Citizens should avoid the following regarding hydrants:

  • Do not plant shrubs, flowers, plants, or other like vegetation around hydrants. This may prevent hydrants from being located in an emergency and will eliminate your shrubs, flowers, and the like from being damaged.
  • Fences should not be installed close to hydrants. Although discharges may be unobstructed, hydrant wrenches used for turning the hydrant on and off must be rotated 360 degrees and regularly snag on fences and fixtures. We recommend that fences not be installed within three feet from the back of a hydrant.
  • Do not stack limbs, branches, or place other yard debris in front of or on top of fire hydrants.
  • On occasion, some citizens have felt that the fire hydrants sitting in their front yard would appear more attractive if it blended in more with their exterior home décor. Please do not paint fire hydrants; they are certain colors for a reason.
  • On a regular basis, citizens will park in front of a fire hydrant. We have heard a multitude of excuses; everything from “I didn’t see it” to “I was only going to be inside for a minute”. That minute you are inside is the minute that we will pull up and need to use the hydrant. Help us to help you and avoid damage to your vehicle by not parking within 10 feet of any fire hydrant.

Water System Flush

You should also know that on occasion, PWC will “FLUSH” the water system. This is where PWC personnel will open a hydrant and let it flow until the system has been cleaned for whatever reason. This can take hours or days and in most cases, the fire department has no knowledge that the procedure is taking place.


If you have any questions or concerns about fire hydrants, feel free to contact the fire department at 910-424-0948 and speak with a department representative.