Education & Programs

Fire Prevention / Education

Although the fire department does not have a separate fire prevention bureau, each staff member is eager to share information that could help prevent fires. Department personnel regularly speak to schools, civic groups, youth organizations, employees of local businesses, and the general public on what steps can be taken to help make their environment a safer place to live and work.


The fire department is involved in all seven of our schools as Partners-in-Education. We take this opportunity to interact with local children, youth and school staff to spread the fire prevention message or to simply provide a positive role model for the kids.

Firefighters working the Trailer Fire on Dutchess Drive on June 19, 2008.


The fire station is open for tours; we take this opportunity to educate our visitors on the fire department’s role in the community and on our equipment and capabilities. Most people are surprised to learn that the fire department does more than just put out fires. The public is able to see where their tax dollars are spent in the purchase of state of the art fire, rescue and medical equipment.

Community Involvement

On a regular basis, the fire department is called to participate in local events. We welcome the opportunity to interact with the community to provide safety education, display our equipment and demonstrate our capabilities.

Request an Appearance, Speaker, or Tour

Please understand that due to the demands of our service and certain restrictions, we may not always be able to accommodate every request. However, we will make every effort to meet your needs. Anyone wishing to request this service please fill free to contact Fire Marshal Brett Ham at 910-429-3397 or email Bobby Carter.