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Required Requests for Proposals

The town is required by NC General Statutes and its own ordinances and policies to competitively request proposals for goods and services based on price and/or qualifications. Examples of past requests include vehicles and equipment, financial institution financing as allowed by the General Statutes, professional services such as engineering, and recycling service for the Town’s residential customers. See current requests and related documents.

The request for bid or proposal will specify any requirements to provide the goods requested or perform the service(s) required. Please review these carefully before submitting a bid and be sure to provide all of the items requested.

Additional Information

The town always reserves the right to reject any and all bids. If you have questions or need information, please direct those to the point of contact cited in the request or you may contact Purchasing Agent Kelli Wall at 910-426-4111 or by emailing Kelli Wall.