Veterans Affairs Committee

The VFW Post 10630 has set up a self-help computer in a private room for Veterans and their families to file their taxes through the VITA Program (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance). The program is designed so that annual income tax returns could get prepared and filed free of charge to the service member, retiree and their families. Due to Fort Bragg is not supporting the program this year, and a few other matters, the post is not able to setup a full-blown program here. However, the post was able to become certified as a “self-help” site thus people can come to our Post and do their own returns with limited to no assistance.

  • Currently, appointments can be scheduled on Fridays ONLY from 9am – Noon.
  • Below is the IRS Form 136414-C, Intake Interview. This form must be completed prior to arrival of appointment.
  • Appointments can start being scheduled next week, February 19, 2021.
  • To make an appointment, people can contact me at either,, or 910-850-0580.

IRS Form 13614-C - Intake Interview and Quality Review Sheet

VITA Tax Assistance Flyer February 2021


  • 6:00 p.m.
  • 4th Thursday of each month
  • Hope Mills Recreation Center


  • Jim Morris - Secretary
  • Jennifer Blair
  • Gregory Dickerson
  • Sean Frederick
  • Ronald Maury
  • Open Seat
  • Open Seat
  • VFW Liaison - William Greene, Jr.
  • American Legion Liaison- John A. Cook
  • Commission Liaison - Bryan Marley
  • Town Liaison - Meghan Hawkins

Mission Statement

The Hope Mills Veterans Affairs Commission advises the Board of Commissioners on matters of importance to Veterans in our City. As such, the Commission provides recommendations on programs, policies, and practices designed to assist Veterans, acts as a central clearinghouse for information, programs and services relating to Veterans and celebrates and honors the achievements of Veterans in Hope Mills.

Goal 1: Economic Development.

Increase Veteran employment by advising the Board of Commissioners on ways to increase transitional employment opportunities, patronage of Veteran-owned businesses, and private business ownership for Veterans.

Goal 2: Awareness and Recognition

Increase awareness and recognition of all Hope Mills Veterans, service members and their families by advising the Board of Commissioners on ways to regularly celebrate and recognize our Veterans.

Goal 3: Information, Resources and Social Support

Serve as a clearinghouse for information pertaining to resources, services and social support available to Veterans in the Hope Mills area, in collaboration with the City and by advising the Board of Commissioners.

Goal 4: Underrepresented Groups

Identify and raise awareness of underrepresented Veteran populations by advising the Board of Commissioners about groups that may not identify as Veterans and therefore may not seek assistance.

Vision / Core Values

Serving Hope Mills Veterans with Pride, Professionalism, Respect, Integrity with Accountability, Diversity, and Excellent service.