Paulette Hobbs

Parks & Recreation
Title: Administrative Assistant
Phone: 910-426-4109
Paulette 2023

Paulette is originally from a small community in Bladen County, & has worked for the Town since 2015. As Administrative Assistant, she brings core strengths & knowledge associated with office, administrative & independent judgment, dedication, & people-oriented skills. Paulette holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Fayetteville State University, along with a Master’s degree in Human Resources Counseling & degree as an Education Specialist - Concentration in Teaching & Learning, both from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. She has well over 20 years of Administrative Assistant experience. Paulette feels that Parks & Recreation is all about how children & families connect as a whole. She enjoys the development, improvement, & community outlook aspects of the field as well. Paulette loves her job because she can see positive changes in a growing community. She feels Yvonne Wichtner-Zoia said it well when she quoted, “To create positive change in a community, groups must move through an uncomfortable “groan zone” by building trust, communicating effectively, sharing a vision and moving to action.” When she isn’t working, Paulette enjoys meeting new people, music, crafts, singing & cooking.


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