Summer Camp

Summer Camp Mission Statement:
The mission of Summer Camp is to enhance the quality of life for the young citizens by providing them with safe, fun and an enriching atmosphere where they can develop social, recreational, physical and emotional skills that will be helpful to them throughout their lives. This will be accomplished through a variety of activities and educational programs conducted by enthusiastic staff members with a vested interest in the well being of every camper.

Components of the Mission:

  • Meeting new people
  • Learning to interact with other in a group setting
  • Learning to respect others
  • Understanding the concepts of cooperation and responsibility within a group setting
  • Developing recreational skills
  • Challenging oneself to participate in new activities
  • Exposure to new recreation activities
  • Developing skills
  • Learning safety procedures
  • Respecting the personal space of oneself and others
  • Developing a positive concept
  • Learning to take responsibility for one's own feelings
  • Learning to take responsibility for one's own behavior