Standards and Specifications

Town of Hope Mills, North Carolina

Standard Specifications, Drawings, and Notes

Adopted 11/16/15 Town of Hope Mills Board of Commissioner's Meeting

HP Pipe Specifications

Design Compliance Certification (PDF)

 Standard Specification Table of Contents
Chapter 1: General Information1-1 (PDF)
Chapter 2: General Construction Provisions2-1 (PDF)
Chapter 3: Earthwork3-1 (PDF)
Chapter 4: Access and Circulation4-1 (PDF)
Chapter 5: Parking and Loading5-1 (PDF)
Chapter 6: Stormwater Collection Systems6-1 (PDF)
Chapter 7: Stormwater Management7-1 (PDF)

Standard Drawings and Notes Table of Contents

Detail Number


ST-118”, 24” and 30” Curb Details2/28/2015PDF DWG
ST-2Wheelchair Ramp W/Sidewalk Off Back of Curb2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-2AWheelchair Ramp W/Sidewalk on Back of Curb2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-2BWheelchair Ramps and Crosswalks2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-2CWheelchair Ramp Notes2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-2DParallel Curb Wheelchair Ramp2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-2ETruncated Dome Details2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-2FMid-Block Parallel Curb Wheelchair Ramp2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-2GDirectional Curb Wheelchair Ramp2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-2HMid-Block Parallel Curb Wheelchair Ramp2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-3Expansion Joint2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-4Standard Catch Basin Transition 24” Roll Curb and Gutter2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-5Standard Catch Basin Transition 24” Vertical Curb and Gutter2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-6Driveway Connections to Overlaid or Raised Curbing (Uphill Driveway)2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-6ADriveway Connections to Overlaid or Raised Curbing (Downhill Driveway)2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-6BStandard Driveway Apron2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-7Concrete Valley Gutter Detail2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-8Standard Minimums for Residential and Commercial Cul-De-Sacs2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-9Typical Residential Driveway Apron2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-9ATypical Commercial Driveway Apron2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-10Concrete/Brick Paver Sidewalk Detail2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-11Typical Temporary Sawcut and Pavement Patch2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-11ATypical Permanent Sawcut and Pavement Patch2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-11BNotes for Typical Permanent and Temporary Sawcut and Pavement Patch Detail2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-12Typical Sidewalk Section for 50’ R/W – 35’ PVT.2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-13Typical Sidewalk Section at Back of Curb2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-14Typical Minimum Standard 2-Lane Street Section for Residential Use2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-15Typical Street Section for 60’ Pvt. (Vert. Curb)2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-16Typical Minimum Section for 3-Lane Streets2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-16ATypical Cross-Sections for All Town Pavement2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-16BTypical Minimum Standard Street Sections for 2-Lane and 4-Lane Divided Streets2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-17Concrete Multi-Use Path2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-18Standard Ditch Section Without Curb & Gutter2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-19Standard Curb & Gutter Section Without Sidewalk2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-20Limited Frontage Standard Right In/Right Out Channelization2/28/2015PDF DWG
ST-21Standard Method of Removing Existing Curb (For a Driveway Apron Installation)2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-22Standard Curb Drain2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-23Standard Pavement Widening Taper & Markings2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-24Standard Pavement Undulation (Flat Top Speed Hump)2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-25Standard Pavement Undulation (Parabolic Top Speed Hump)2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-26Standard Pavement Undulation (Raised Pedestrian Crosswalk)2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-27Median Treatments for Narrow Medians2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-28Median Treatment Sections for Narrow Medians2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-29School Speed Limit Flasher Assembly2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-30Typical Pedestrian Signal Indications and Pushbutton Locations2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-31Pavement Parking and Signing for Directional Crossover2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-32Cluster Box Unit (CBU) Mailbox-Type 12/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-33Cluster Box Unit (CBU) Mailbox-Type II2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-34Driveway and Sidewalk Detail2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-35Driveway for Valley Type Curb and Gutter2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-36Residential Driveway Installation on Non Curb and Gutter Streets2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-37Alley2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-38Standard Method of Ending Curb and Gutter2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-39Temporary Barricade for Dead End Roads2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-40Standard Utility Locations in Streets2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-41Median Island Curb Ramps/Cut Throughs2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-42Pedestrian Refuge2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-43Detectable Warning Surface Placement2/28/2015PDF DWG

ST-44Pavement Markings High Visibility Pedestrian Crosswalk2/28/2015PDF DWG


Concrete Sidewalk2/28/2015PDF DWG


SW-1Typical Storm Drain Compaction2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-2Standard Detail Manhole Adjustment Concrete Collar (New and Existing Manholes)2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-3Standard Brick Catch Basin (15” thru 54” Pipe)2/28/2015PDF  DWG

SW-3AStandard Brick Catch Basin (15” thru 54” Pipe)2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-4Brick Double Catch Basin (15” thru 36” Pipe)2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-5Standard Brick Junction Box (Optional Manhole) 15” thru 66” Pipe2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-6Standard Traffic Bearing Junction Box 36” and Under Pipes2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-6AStandard Traffic Bearing Junction Box 36” and Under Pipes NCDOT STD. 840.342/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-7Standard Brick Manhole (15” thru 36” Pipe)2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-8Brick Masonry Endwall for Single Pipe Culvert2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-9Concrete Base Pad for Drainage Structures2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-10Concrete Pipe Collar2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-11Drop Inlet with Grate (Flush)2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-11ADrop Inlet with Grate2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-12Fence Plan at Endwall2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-13Manhole Ring and Cover2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-14Manhole Sections Precast Reinforced Concrete 4’ Diameter2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-14AManhole Sections Precast Reinforced Concrete 5’ Diameter2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-15Masonry Endwall For Single and Double Pipe Culverts2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-15AMasonry Endwall For Single and Double Pipe Culverts (Notes)2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-16Open Throat Junction Box2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-17Catch Basin Conversion Detail2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-18Precast Concrete Headwall2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-19Pipe Sections (15” Thru 36”)2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-19APipe Sections (42” Thru 72”)2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-19BPipe Sections Notes2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-20Precast Concrete Solid2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-20APrecast Solid Concrete Table2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-21Concrete Paved Swales2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-22Standard Frame, Grates, and Hoods2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-23Precast Concrete Flared End Sections2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-24Pipe Outlet to Flat Areas No Well-Defined Channel2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-25Standard Frame, Grates, and Hood2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-25AStandard Frame, Grates, and Hood2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-26Standard Yard Inlet with Concrete Slab2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-27Standard Yard Inlet with Grate and Frame2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-28Standard Precast Concrete Catch Basin2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-29Curb Drain Detail2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-30Pipe Underdrain Detail2/28/2015PDF DWG

SW-31Rip Rap Lined Channels2/28/2015PDF DWG


Diversion Ditch2/28/2015PDF DWG

Erosion Control

EC-1Typical Block and Gravel Drop Inlet Protection2/28/2015PDF DWG

EC-1ATypical Block Drop Inlet Protection2/28/2015PDF DWG

EC-1BCatch Basin Riser2/28/2015PDF DWG

EC-1CTypical Hardware Cloth and Gravel Drop Inlet Protection2/28/2015PDF DWG

EC-1DTemporary Rock Donut Inlet Protection2/28/2015PDF DWG

EC-1ETypical Excavated Drop Inlet Protection2/28/2015PDF DWG

EC-2Temporary Silt Ditch2/28/2015PDF DWG

EC-3Temporary Sediment Trap2/28/2015PDF DWG

EC-4Baffle Installation2/28/2015PDF DWG

EC-5Wattle Detail2/28/2015PDF DWG

EC-6Temporary Rock Check Dam2/28/2015PDF DWG

EC-7Seeding Schedule2/28/2015PDF DWG

EC-7ASeeding Schedule (Seasonal)2/28/2015PDF DWG

EC-8Skimmer Sediment Basin2/28/2015PDF DWG
EC-9Standard Silt Fence Outlet2/28/2015PDF DWG

EC-10Standard Riser Barrel Sediment Basin (With Skimmer)2/28/2015PDF DWG

EC-11Standard Rip Rap Lined Channels2/28/2015PDF DWG

EC-12Standard Temporary Stream Crossing2/28/2015PDF DWG

EC-12AStandard Temporary Stream Crossing Option2/28/2015PDF DWG

EC-12BStandard Temporary Stream Crossing Option2/28/2015PDF DWG

EC-13Standard Pipe Inlet Protection (Plywood and Stone)2/28/2015PDF DWG

EC-14Standard Diversion Berm2/28/2015PDF DWG

EC-15Standard Level Spreader2/28/2015PDF DWG

EC-15AStandard Level Spreader2/28/2015PDF DWG

EC-16Standard Temporary Slope Drain2/28/2015PDF DWG


Existing Pipe Inverts Gravel and Rip Rap Filter Berm Basin2/28/2015PDF DWG

Fire Protection

FP-1Sprinkler Design Data2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-2Sprinkler Reflective Ceiling Plan2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-3Sprinkler Piping Plan2/28/2015PDF DWG
FP-4ASprinkler Riser2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-4BSprinkler Riser2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-5Riser Clearance2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-6Standpipe Pressure Summary2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-7Fire Pump Isometric2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-8Fire Pump Elevations2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-9Typical Sprinkler Legend2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-10Typical Equipment Schedule2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-11Firestop Systems2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-12AFire Dept. Hose Valve Cabinet2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-12BFire Dept. Hose Valve2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-13Typical Pipe Hanger2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-14Flush FDC Detail Requirements2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-15Yard FDC Detail Requirements2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-16Hotbox FDC Detail Requirements2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-17AHotbox Inline Backflow2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-17BHotbox Inline Backflow2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-18AInline Retrofit Detail (Vault)2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-18BInline Retrofit Detail (Vault)2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-19Retrofit Backflow Preventer2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-20Record Document Storage2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-21Pipe On Top Of Footing2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-22Multiple Riser Elevations2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-23Insulation Detail2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-24Shunt Trip Supervisory Detail2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-25Elevator Shaft Dry System Detail2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-26Fire Alarm Device Mounting2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-27Hotbox Back Flow Detail Requirements2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-28Sprinkler Details2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-29Apparatus Access Alternate2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-30Floor Control Details2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-31AOverall Matrix2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-31BMatrix – Assisted Living Facility2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-31CMatrix – Multifamily Dwelling Standard 3 or 4 Story Product2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-31DMatrix – Sprinklered Office Building Not High Rise2/28/2015PDF DWG

FP-31EMatrix – Sprinklered High Rise Office Building2/28/2015PDF DWG

Parks and Greenways

PG-1Standard Asphalt Greenway Trail2/28/2015PDF DWG

PG-2Standard Wooden Safety Railing2/28/2015PDF DWG

PG-3Standard Split-Rail Fence2/28/2015PDF DWG

PG-4Standard Trail Driveway Apron2/28/2015PDF DWG

PG-5Standard Metal Gate2/28/2015PDF DWG

PG-6Standard Bench2/28/2015PDF DWG

PG-7Standard Concrete Slab for Trail Bench2/28/2015PDF DWG

PG-8Standard Trash Receptacle2/28/2015PDF DWG

PG-9Standard Stamped Colored Concrete2/28/2015PDF DWG

PG-10Standard Boardwalk (Elevation View)2/28/2015PDF DWG

PG-11Standard Boardwalk (Plan & Section View)2/28/2015PDF DWG

PG-12Standard Boardwalk Approach2/28/2015PDF DWG

PG-13Standard Bridge Approach (Plan View)2/28/2015PDF DWG

PG-14Standard Bridge Approach (Section View)2/28/2015PDF DWG

PG-15Pre-Engineered Laminated Beam Bridge2/28/2015PDF DWG

PG-16Steel Beam and Wood Bridge2/28/2015PDF DWG

PG-17Greenway Trail Drainage Crossing2/28/2015PDF DWG

PG-18Typical Pipe Handrail2/28/2015PDF DWG