Zoning Information

All properties located within the Hope Mills Town Limits are subject to the requirements of a specified zoning district. An area within the MIA (Municipal Influence Area) is subject to the Town's zoning regulations, not the county's, to enable the Town to better ensure that development patterns and associated infrastructure will allow the efficient provision of urban services as the Town grows into that area.

To verify the zoning of property and permitted uses, contact the Development & Planning Department at (910-426-4103). Some of the responsibilities of this department include the following:

  • Zoning Permits (signs, structures, fences, In-home occupation, new business, swimming pools, fundraisers, etc.)
  • Zoning verification letters
  • Lot regulations/set back requirements
  • Overlay Districts
  • Matrix

Staff Contact

Emily Weidner
Town Planner
(910) 429-3514
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Chancer McLaughlin
Development Services Director
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Permit Applications

Zoning Ordinances

Schedules and Studies

Zoning Applications