Our History


The Hope Mills Fire Department was formed in 1945 by town citizens who recognized the need for more immediate fire protection. Up until this time, the City of Fayetteville Fire Department responded to fires countywide.

First Equipment & Staff

Two town citizens acquired a Chevrolet pickup truck and installed a surplus WWII Army water tank and pump which became the town’s first fire truck. Along with several other members of the community, they formed an informal fire department.

Longstanding Tradition

It would be another year before the fire department would be officially chartered by the state; making the Hope Mills Fire Department the second oldest continuously operating fire department in Cumberland County.

After the fire department was officially recognized, The Fayetteville city council decided to let Hope Mills take over fire suppression responsibilities for everything south of the city limits of Fayetteville. The Hope Mills Fire Department continued to provide fire services to these areas until the 1950s and 1960s, when various county fire departments were established.


During the last decade, the fire department has expanded to meet the ever growing demand on service.